Heritage Stories

Hope and Wisdom

In our reading today, Paul reminds his readers not to forget where they came from.  This is a great exhortation for us.  You may be fortunate enough to have come from a long lineage of godly parents, grandparents, and so forth.  I remember my grandmother on my mother’s side as a very godly woman.  She was the matriarch of our family and led by example.  I still have letters from my grandmother that she wrote me while I was in college and in seminary.  She made a great investment in my mom and consequently my mother raised me in church and is a wonderful Christian woman.  My dad left my mom when I was nine, and while he had about 10 years of running from the Lord, eventually he came back to the Lord.  When my wife and I got married we made a commitment that by God’s grace divorce would never be considered and that we would work to build a godly heritage that our children could appreciate and enjoy.

What is your story?  If you are like us and are setting in a foundation for a godly heritage, it’s important that we share the story of where we have come from with our children.  Our kids need to know that generations before us didn’t necessarily think about laying a foundation.  My wife and I both have family members in our lineage (like my mother, grandmother, and my wife’s grandmother) who shined brightly, lived for God, and considered investing in future generations.  On the other hand, divorce ripped our families apart and many of our family members only lived for themselves.  As the father of my clan, I remind my children about their heritage, good and bad.  The apostle Paul tells his listeners that they were lost and without hope until Christ came.  Our children, who grow up in Christian homes and have not been affected by divorce and generational curses, need to realize what God has done to bring our families to this place.  God’s love and the power of the cross are conduits for fresh starts and new beginnings.  It doesn’t matter what the enemy has done in our families in the past, because God is the author of fresh starts.  Help your children to remember where God has brought your family and the sin that has been cut off from the past.  If they don’t hear about the victories of sin being cut off from our family, they won’t learn to appreciate what God has done.

If you are fortunate enough to have a long line of godly generations, then you should thank God and recognize his goodness.  Explain to your kids how many other people don’t have the godly lineage your family does.